Dec 29, 2006
Ahlstrom announces price increases for its calender bowl materials

Dec 22, 2006
Ahlstrom announces price increases for its crepe papers男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面

Dec 22, 2006
Ahlstrom's new spunlace wipes line in Green Bay, USA starts ahead of schedule男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面

Nov 24, 2006
The expansion of Ahlstrom Glassfibre's Mikkeli plant completed

Nov 16, 2006
European Commission closed its investigation related to alleged cartel男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面

Nov 10, 2006
Ahlstrom has concluded negotiations regarding transfer of its liquid filtration converting activities from its Mt. Holly Springs, PA, USA site

Nov 02, 2006
Ahlstrom announces price increases for a number of specialty paper product lines

Oct 27, 2006
Ahlstrom Corporation Interim Report January-September 2006:Steady profitability in challenging market conditions

Oct 27, 2006
Ahlstrom to add new production line in China to serve dust filtration markets

Oct 27, 2006
Ahlstrom to invest EUR 23 million in new nonwovens capacity in Brazil and France男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面

Oct 25, 2006
Ahlstrom opens sales offices in Turkey and Mexico男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面

Oct 23, 2006
Ahlstrom's third quarter result to be published on October 27, 2006

Oct 18, 2006
The sale of Ahlstrom's shareholding in core and coreboard manufacturer Sonoco-Alcore completed

Oct 10, 2006
Ahlstrom held groundbreaking for glassfiber tissue plant in Tver, Russia男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面

Sep 07, 2006
Ahlstrom announces price increases on filtration materials

Sep 06, 2006
Ahlstrom invests an additional EUR 5.0 million in specialty reinforcement production in the USA

Jun 30, 2006
Ahlstrom to start specialty reinforcement production in the USA

Jun 22, 2006
Ahlstrom to lay off temporarily 16 employees in Kauttua plant 男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面

Jun 09, 2006
Ahlstrom sells a property in Germany

May 31, 2006
Ahlstrom to start negotiations on temporary layoffs at Kauttua plant男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面

May 24, 2006
Ahlstrom announces price increases for its specialty papers男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面

May 04, 2006
Death at Ahlstrom's Stenay plant

May 03, 2006
Ahlstrom invests in capability for production of cotton-containing spunlace products男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面

Feb 16, 2006
Ahlstrom to offer local logistics platform in China for its filtration business

Feb 15, 2006
Ahlstrom's Annual General Meeting approved new issue of shares

Feb 13, 2006
Ahlstrom expands its production capacity of siliconized genuine vegetable parchment男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面

Feb 03, 2006
Financial Statements Bulletin 2005: Ahlstrom's profitability improved clearly in 2005

Jan 20, 2006
Ahlstrom to acquire HRS Textiles Inc. in the US

Jan 02, 2006
Ahlstrom to invest in Tampere, Finland plant男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面