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"lovetofish" from the TFF took his daughter to Benbrook for some sandies. These were caught on a chartreuse  1/2 oz. Humdinger.

Nice catch

Nice sandbass caught using a "Hum/Pet" combo. A Pet Spoon tied above a Humdinger.

Donna and Jack Parker

28 sandbass  all caught at Benbrook in a tournament on a 3/4 oz Super Humdinger White w/ glitter

50 + pound catfish

3/8 oz. Humdinger

Pearl White Glitter

Guy Skinner

T. Gilstrap and his buddy caught 35 sandies on Humdingers! These guys even had to give some lures to other fishermen on the lake who were watching all the fish catching action.

Here is a photo of a nice crappie caught on a Humdinger during the LL Sandbass Tourney on Saturday.

Joe Dearman, aka - Bigdad

This is a photo of my wife, Melanie with a nice Tawakoni fish caught with
the humdinger.

Cloy Richards- West Tawakoni


I caught this group on the Friday before Memorial Day on Lake Lewisville in
about 90 minutes of fishing. Not pictured was a crappie that was 8 inches
long and a drum that was about 11 inches long.


This was from last night on Lake Lewisville, I managed a limit, while my
partner only caught 3 using a different bait LOL. He is waiting for the
order to come in that I sent in yesterday, simply because I would not share
with him last night.....

Was pullin em out left and right. Then it got hung up and I lost the lure. The Hum-Bug was a free-bee ya'll had put in with my last order. Sure was nice of ya.
I went to the website and ordered me some more.
Looking forward to gettin' back out there.

Patrick DuBois


Hey Leroy,  Look what I caught on my new 3/4 oz. humdinger while fishin a hump for sandbass at Joe Pool .  It measured over 12 inches and man did it make that lemon pepper and garlic salt taste great!!!!  Thanks again.  Brad Davis.


Great Catches on Humdingers

Email me here with your great catch


HUMDINGERS are great in the SALT!

And They Catch HYBRIDS Too!

Minaki, Canada - Lodge Record 19 1/2" Smallmouth

Chartreuse / White Humdinger





And they catch Bass too! This one was caught on Ray Roberts today with a humdinger.

Dylan LYONS sets 3 records with one fish caught on a Humdinger!

  • Junior State Catch and Release Record
  • Junior Water Body Catch and Release Record (Toledo Bend)
  • Adult Water Body Catch and Release Record (Toledo Bend)

We caught these all on the humbugs. People in the other boats sure were looking hard to see what we were using. Just thought you might like to see what I have been up to with your Humbugs. The first day we kept 11 big hybrids and released about 12 others just as big. The second day I landed these monsters. The bigger one was almost 12lbs. Thought I had hooked into a submarine. Cant wait to try out your H5 Shad Spinner on these gigglefish. By the way, this lure SLAYED ‘em on Tawakoni yesterday. Kept 11 Hybrids that were 6-8 lbs and about 45 huge sandies. Threw back that many or more. Of the 4-5 boats fishing the school we were the only ones pulling them in like that. I have now officially changed the name from Hybrid to “Gigglefish”. The other two guys in my boat and myself just couldn’t stop giggling!! - Kelly


Went to Grapevine Lake Sunday. Thanks for a great bait.


Here is a picture of a blue cat my Dad caught on a Humdinger.

Jeff Schiller

Leroy, here is a pic of just some of the hybrids we caught on Lake Tawakoni using the Humbug. It outfished the ordinary slabs 4 to 1 and MAN did they ever hit it. It was almost as if the fish were mad at the lure. The Humbug will definitely be on my number one rod. That is my son Josh in the picture. Of course, he landed the big fish of the day.
Thanks again,
Kelly Wilson

Thanks to Elizabeth Greene for these awesome photos!

Okay…I am SOLD! Danny William took me out last night on Lake Lewisville and we KILLED the sand bass with your lures. I was really amazed at how versatile the lures are. When we first started fishing the whites were down deeper and wanted a slow presentation. We threw the lure out and dragged the bottom and they nailed it! Later in the evening the fish started surfacing and we threw the lures out and retrieved quickly thought the school and they nailed it! We kept 44 fish and easily threw that many back. The number of magnum sand bass that your lures caught were amazing. I definitely plan on ordering a mess of them really soon.

Scott Bursik

I had some special order Humdingers made for my trip to the Buffalo and White Rivers. Leroy made me some crawdad 3/8 oz. with gold spinners. I got a ton of rock bass and 6 rainbow trout jigging them! Thanks Leroy!

Ric Lancaster


Here's a couple of pics from yesterday - all caught on Humdingers at Lake Lewisville!

Mark Cope


Texoma Striper

Jan 25, 2005

8 lbs. 10 oz.

3/4 oz Humdinger

White w/ Silver Flake


Ron Cohea

Kasey gets 11 sandies and a big crappie at Benbrook with a White w/ Metal Flake 3/4 oz. Humdinger!




I am the guy who came by your house and picked out my Humdingers. We have fished Eagle Mt, Ray Roberts, Grapevine, Joe Poll, and Lewisville. It's the same each time! We get lots of fish - sandies, black bass, crappie, and catfish! It's time to reorder!

Don - Grand Prairie


50 sandbass  all caught at Benbrook on a 3/4 oz Super Humdinger White w/ glitter

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