Transparent papers

Microwave popcorn papers

Excellent heat and grease resistant
Good printability, gluing and converting abilities
Trouble-free runs on high-speed bag making machines
Complying with local food contact regulations (BfR/FDA)
Microwave popcorn papers
Grease and heat resistant packaging papers for microwavable popcorn bags or other food applications.

男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面Your sustainable solution for the perfect pop. We’ve developed a specific range of packaging papers dedicated to microwave applications. Grease and heat-resistant, our fiber-based materials are particularly well-suited for microwave paper popcorn bags.

Customize your Tempera® microwave paper  

Our Tempera® papers production platform can satisfy the needs of microwave packaging manufacturers searching for an efficient and sustainable alternative to non-renewable materials, all over the globe.

Available with a range of basis weights and oil/grease resistance levels for inner and outer plies, Tempera® Microwave Papers provide the ultimate in form and function.

男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面Tempera® Microwave Papers are available in natural or bleached finishes.

Tempera® microwave papers offer excellent grease resistance

Our Tempera® Microwave Papers are specifically designed with GREASE-GARD® and GREASE-GARD® FluoroFree® technology to maximize oil and grease resistance without the use of PFAS.

Find out more about our Fluorofree® and other supporting technologies here.

The papers also have superior printing and converting properties optimizing throughput. 

Tempera® grease remains intact during the heating process

男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面Our paper withstands high temperatures: the packaging stays undamaged during the heating process and until the kernels pop. Tempera® paper grades also offers high gluing aptitude to resist the popping force of corn in the microwave.

Tempera® is available with the OK compost HOME and OK compost INDUSTRIAL certification. This certification not only confirms that our grease-resistant papers can be composted at home and in an industrial facility but also facilitates the process of our customers willing to obtain the OK compost Labels.

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