LabSorb™ Surface protection paper

Reliance® Tandem

Inner and outer wraps of different colors for easier visual differentiation
Combination of different technologies for improved performance
Easier identification of damages thanks to the superposition of the two colored layers
Reliance® Tandem
Interleaved sterile barrier system solutions consisting of one sheet for inner wrap and a second sheet for outer wrap. The combination of different colors and technologies provides the optimal combination for sequential wrapping, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Ahlstrom-Munksjö Reliance® Tandem combines different technologies and grammages to provide the optimal solution for sequential wrapping. Cellulose, featuring high moisture absorption, can be combined with SMS for improved strength.

Crepe paper, wetlaid and SMS can be interleaved with different colors to ensure the benefits associated to visual differentiation. The use of two colors clearly differentiates between the two layers during transport, storage and in the operating room allowing damage to be easily seen. By using a single stock of two colored layers, hospitals can save space when stocking the material and time during the purchase process.


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