Insulation paper for instrument transformers

MF and MG coating bases

Strong, smooth surface for printing, coating and extrusion processes
Open sheet that allows for easier saturation and remoisturization
Sheet strength capable of enduring multiple converting processes
MF and MG coating bases
Ahlstrom-Munksjö has the experience and expertise required to help all pressure sensitive release liners run successfully by optimizing holdout, caliper, uniformity, density and strength for each custom application. We work with our customers to provide more efficient solutions to the challenging needs of the pressure sensitive industry.

男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面MG release papers are available in substances from 14 to 98 gsm, while MF release papers are available in substrates from 41 to 163 gsm. Main applications include feminine hygiene and niche applications.

All papers can be ordered with FSC®, PEFC™ or SFI® certification. All liners available in Post-Consumer Fiber (PCW), bleached, natural, blended and recycled fiber and customer colors.


•Niche Applications

男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面•Feminine Hygiene


Liner Type :

Liner Type


男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面Basis  Weight


男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面Additional Features

MF & MG Coating Bases

1.7 mil/6.0 mil

男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面MF: 41-163 gsm

MG: 14-98 gsm

男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面•Strong, smooth surface for printing, coating and extrusion processes

•Less dense than SCK and Glassine, with better layflat and dimensional stability

•Strong enough to endure multiple converting processes

男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面•Optimal surface for backside printing

男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面•One- and two-side coatable

男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面•May be used in certain direct silicone coating processes for specialized applications

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