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Fiber based packaging tapes

Superior printing character
High MD tensile strength
Best smoothness
Fiber based packaging tapes
Ahlstrom-Munksjö has produced gumming papers —the backing for water activated tapes—for decades and is the leading supplier for top global tape manufacturers. Tapes in this category are commonly used in carton packaging.

男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面As one of the world’s largest producers of tape backing papers, we collaborate with customers to produce products designed to meet their application needs.

  • Consistent density & coating holdout 
  • Controlled dimensional stability
  • Product consistency

Ahlstrom-Munksjö offers a wide range of machine glazed (MG) and machine finished (MF) papers for water activated tape laminations and gummed tape applications using traditional 100% virgin truly natural fibers base. Adhera® water activated tape backing is known for the following characteristics that maximize performance:

  • Broadest product portfolio of MG and MF products
  • Lightweight MG capabilities (multiple assets) 
  • Base paper properties fine-tuned to maximize finished tape characteristics and converting state performance (printing, laminating, coating) 
  • High tensile strength to weight ratios
Product description Color Typical Weight(s)
MG WAT Laminating Base Natural 20 - 30   lbs/ream 32 - 48   gsm
MG WAT Laminating Base White 20 - 25   lbs/ream 32 - 40   gsm
MF WAT Laminating Base Natural 20 - 25   lbs/ream 32 - 40   gsm
MG Heavy Weight Gumming Natural 40 - 60   lbs/ream 65 - 98   gsm
MF Heavy Weight Gumming Natural 55 - 105 lbs/ream 90 - 170 gsm
XKL Gumming  Natural 55 - 105 lbs/ream 80 - 114 gsm
XKL Gumming  White 55 - 105 lbs/ream 80 - 114 gsm

男生把肌肌放到女人肌肌里面Products available incorporating up to 12% Recovered Fiber Content 

Ream size: 24" x 36 " 500 sheets

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